April 30, 2010

Dragon Tales

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I took him for a walk in the stroller today, my youngest son who thankfully still enjoys being propelled around the neighborhood. We have some of our best conversations here, he and I, and the exercise enables me to burn off at least a quarter of the chocolate I’ve invariably ingested that morning. This is multi-tasking at its best.

This afternoon however there are mild protests at my chosen activity, and just a few hundred yards from our home there are exaggerated cries for our return. This is my one shot at elevating my heartrate in a positive fashion, so I quickly devise a way to distract him, which because his autism is mild, is fairly easy to accomplish. I tell him, with all the drama that I can muster, that we have to go for a walk because we are looking for dragons. His head whips around, and his grin overtakes his face as he repeats “Dragons!”, just in case I wasn’t certain. I tell him yes, point to the cerulean sky, and advise him to start searching. He resumes his former posture, and trains his eyes to the clouds above.

For the next ten minutes we converse on all things dragon. I ask him how many he sees, and he replies “four” (it’s always four). I query him about their gender, and they, like him, are invariably boys. They consistently remain nameless, these fiery, wanton creatures. In general they eschew evil, and practice only good magic. They are sometimes comprised of an entire family, one that mirrors our own with mother, father, eldest and youngest son. Born in every hue, they are sometimes radiant in their multi-colored splendor. I have no doubt that to my son, they are beautiful.

I thrill to witness his make-believe world soar, much as I imagine his creatures do in the exquisite articulation of their elongated wings. We have begun to spin elaborate stories about their lives, their achievements. Some are hilarious in their antics, some naughty. They are often hungry. I feel I’ve come to know them well.

So today, just for something new, I ask my son if his dragons, his friends created from the well-spring of his burgeoning imagination, are scared of anything. He pauses for a moment, seems to ponder my question with great concentration. At last he regards me quite seriously, looks me straight in the eye, and says “You, mommy”.

And I think to myself, that’s right, my sweet boy. Dragons, beware.


  1. Cami said,

    Haha….I love that boy! 🙂

  2. LZ said,

    Ahh…how wonderful for him to believe that dragons would bow to his greatest defender…

    • They would do, as you would do for yours. Glad I know who this is now… Pam friended me!

      • LZ said,

        I hope the dragons bow…I have his first IEP meeting coming up very soon. I plan to go in well-prepared and ready to advocate for my son, but “they” are still the dragons in control of services and funding. And I, while I am a very determined parent, I am but a human… according to the bumper sticker, to dragons that makes me crunchy and good with ketchup!

        All kidding aside, I do think it will go well, but I don’t suppose I could convince you to relay some insights on your IEP experiences, either as a parent or from the teacher perspective?

        • Of course! First of all I’ve had my mom with me for all IEP meetings. She has thirty years experience in special ed, from teacher to administrator. She knows codes and laws upside down, and acts as our advocate. Depending on your state, some advocates are free. They are exceedingly helpful.

          Other parents in my town have been a great resource too, just to help me figure out what our town has to offer, i.e. “what’s on the menu”. Finding out what some children have in their IEPs has been of great value to me in determining what I should ask for.

          Finally, we’ve at least tried to be reasonable. There are services we pay for for Justin that I know other families have our town pay for, but we try to do our part if we can. Sometimes figuring out what’s reasonable is the most difficult part.

          Having been a teacher prior to being a parent has been invaluable, as I can see the school district’s perspective regarding our requests.

          And trust me, the fact you’re a lawyer will help.


  3. Courtenay Adams said,

    He knows you are a force of nature! I just love him!

  4. Christy said,

    my name is Christy. I am a nanny of a 4 yr old (mainstream) little boy who loves dragons as well. I heard about your blogs through my friend Amber who cares for a young man with Autism. I also have a cousin in law with Autism.

    I just want to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate reading your stories about your young men. And I admire how well you can paint such a great picture of your boys through their antics.

    Thank you for sharing your boys, yourself and your life with Autism with others.


    • Thanks Christy. I really appreciate that you take the time to read them and comment. Amber’s pretty great, we’ll all miss her here!

  5. Cindy said,

    I’ve seen you in action. Those dragons are wise to quiver before you.

  6. thats priceless! love it!

  7. Kathy Milmore said,

    Mothers are heroes and take care of everything…

  8. very cute

  9. misifusa said,

    You know, I’ve seen the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon” so I may impart some wise training techniques to Zach when I see him on Friday. Be aware Mom…he may give you some pointers! HA

  10. Naomi Seligman said,

    It takes creativity to parent any child well, no matter what issues they come with. Clearly you have it in abundance Kim! And it seems you have passed some of that creativity on to your boys. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    • Thanks Naomi. I hear your boys are the lucky recipients of much creativity as well! I think I “friended” Becki correctly, but not sure…

  11. Anita said,

    With an answer like that, tell me he didn’t get an extra treat sometime that day! What a perfect answer! I have forgotten the world of make-believe…thank you for taking me back there for a visit.

  12. Lorie said,

    How adorable – you are clearly his hero. He knows that no living or non-living thing is going to mess with his mom! I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday.

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