June 8, 2010

Gratitude Attitude and Tuesday Tips

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Gratitude Attitude

This week, although my husband begged me to thank him simply because he is “mag-NIF-i-cent”, I have politely declined and decided to extend my appreciation to POAC, Autism Speaks, Eden Institute, and Autism New Jersey instead. This past Sunday Jeff was able to take one of his children to a sporting event for the first time ever, and it was a resounding success.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put Autism Day together at Trenton Thunder last weekend.  We appreciate your efforts!

Tuesday Tips:  “Three ideas for surviving summer”

Babette Zschiegner

Coach for parents of children with autism


1.  For my high energy boys I find it essential to have at least one outing planned per day.  It is really necessary to break up the day that way.  The following is a list of all of our favorites which might be useful if you’re local!  Avon beach (very calm water due to the secluded cove the jetties make); Dorbrook splash ground; Hurricane Harbor and Great Adventure Amusement Park – season passes are a must have, if you go twice it’s paid for itself; the safari at Great Adventure, rides at Jenkinson’s boardwalk and the aquarium, Allaire farm animal petting area, any park where you have well-marked trails (watch out for ticks though!) like Allaire State park, Shark River park.. we have a dog so dog beach in Manasquan is a fun place to go too.  Popcorn Zoo and Cape May Zoo and Grounds for Sculpture are also great spots. Really fun indoor places are the Children’s museum at Brookdale College and Insectropolis down in Toms River.  Being flexible has helped us tremendously… being aware in advance that things might not go according to plan helps to relieve pressure, anxiety and stress.. go with the flow!  If you get somewhere and it is just too darn hot to walk around don’t torture the kids with a march through the zoo where everyone will end up cranky and miserable!  Try to have a plan B in place!  Also if something doesn’t go well one time don’t mark it off your list forever… my oldest couldn’t stand the feel of sand on his feet when he was 2 – 4 and now the beach is his favorite place (he started liking it when he was 5 and he’s 11 now).

2.  I also hire teacher’s aides over the breaks during the weeks the kids don’t have summer school.  A couple of days a week for a couple of hours lets me get the essential things done that might be extra difficult if the boys were around.  They are younger aides generally looking to make extra cash during the summer and are energetic and happy to take one or two boys on field trips for me.  I also have a mother’s helper who is a daughter of a friend… she comes with me on longer trips and the boys love her… she loves the boys and the extra spending money!

3.  When home just getting them outside helps!  Trampoline, pool, swingset, sprinklers, hot tub, a game of catch or tag keeps us from going stir crazy in the house!  If it’s bad weather and we’re stuck inside the boys both like to stir and pour and make fun simple treats in the kitchen, games and books are a standby as well, blocks and leggos are essential to my youngest son who is crazy about building!  Getting other kids over for play dates or going to their homes also fills out the days and I get to see and talk to other adults, an added bonus!



  1. misifusa said,

    I think instead of Jeff getting the BIG Thank You, it should be YOU getting the BIG THANK YOU! XO

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