June 11, 2010

The Little Things

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In general, I’d have to say I don’t sweat the small stuff. It would be far more accurate to say I drench myself in it.

I am, however, slowly learning how to let things go again, a feat I was fairly accomplished at prior to giving birth, and one I seem to have permanently relinquished since having become a mother. I could blame it on society, “helicopter parents”, or my concern at being condemned to hell for not breastfeeding each child for an entire year, but truthfully, I have no one to blame but myself. I am certain, on some level, I have found it far easier to self-immerse in day-to-day aggravating minutiae rather than contemplating the “big issues”. These include such heavy questions as what will happen to Justin when my husband and I are dead, will there be a fifty year college payment plan by the time my youngest is an adult, and will I ever fathom the exact correct position of each faux laptop in the toy closet and finally fulfill my oldest son’s OCD requirements.

I’m anticipating that I’ll remain his toy bitch.

No, I will probably never conquer my own “small stuff” issues. I am, however, trying to at least recognize and appreciate some other “small stuff” moments in my life. Here they are:

My oldest son relaxed long enough for us to remain on the beach, en famille, for just over one entire hour this past weekend. I then forced my husband to walk up and down the boardwalk with him so I could play with Zachary, but that’s not the point, is it?

I was able to exchange Justin’s surf shirt in a wildly popular beach town, on Memorial Day proper, park illegally with engine running and husband and children in car, conduct the entire transaction in ten minutes using the autism card only once, and not receive a parking ticket. That one might constitute a miracle.

My husband, of his own will and volition, got out of bed early enough this past holiday weekend to be my full partner in the odiousness that is preparing two small children for a day at the beach. Ever the behaviorist, I will make certain he will be fully reinforced for his actions at a later date.

Through a glorious burst of multi-tasking, I have conquered, two weeks ahead of schedule, the 5,000 individual end-of-year thank-you notes that result from having all of your children enrolled in a special education program. I will of course be reinforcing my good behavior with extra wine. The good stuff.

My hat’s off to the little things, and particularly to having the capacity to appreciate them, and recognize that they constitute the “meat” of life.

Here’s to the small stuff.



  1. Mary Craig said,

    LOL I laughed the entire time I read this! Honestly, I think we could force POW’s to write hundreds and hundreds of thank you notes and they’ll crack and give up their national secrets before the first 200 are done! UGH!

    It does feel good to have those “normal” family moments doesn’t it? Thankfully Will loves the beach but we often have to extract much of it from his mouth the entire time we’re there. Some of our best days are quiet ones we spend on the beach flying a kite, building a castle or jumping waves prior to the onslaught of “Bennies”. hahaha!

    I’m a firm believer in positive reinforcement so drink up my friend! 😉

  2. misifusa said,

    I agree…it’s all about the little things…so enjoy and appreciate all the blessings that you have! I’m sure Jeff will get up early again this weekend once you’ve rewarded him. 🙂

  3. Kathy Milmore said,

    It’s all about the small stuff. Every single day. Because you know what happens if we don’t enjoy it? Life sucks, then you die, my friend. (Remember that motto?)

    • Oh, I do remember my friend, although wasn’t there something about high school, college, and something unprintable in there as well?????

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