August 12, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday

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Through my Thursday posts I’d like to provide a more widespread forum for parents, family members, and practitioners of children with disabilities to provide practical tips for parents, as well as a place to share their views on raising a child with a disability. These contributions will be their ideas and stories, and not necessarily reflect the sentiments of those of autismmommytherapist

Today’s guest blogger is Shivon, welcome!


I randomly came across this quote today:

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

~S Tauscher

Actually I don’t believe it was so random, I believe God gracefully set it in my path to ever so slightly knock me upside the head.

So I would like to write a few words about today.

Today Diego is alive, smart, handsome, funny, and the best cuddler ever!!

Today Diego walked into class wearing his sunglasses, was called a rock star by a fellow classmate due to his “cool green sunglasses”, and turned to me and said “Mommy there are no stars on my glasses.”

I love his literal mind.

Today I went through my blogroll and took a moment to thank God for each mom that takes the time to share some of their deepest emotions and funniest moments with their very special children.

Today Diego didn’t go play by himself when dropped off.

Today I didn’t feel so alone.

Today Diego gave me such a big hug that it knocked me over.

Today Diego responded to  a call of “good-bye” without prompting.

Today I took a moment from my sadness, stress and disappointment to thank God that I have my children,my future husband, and my family.

Today was a little easier.

Shivon can be found blogging about her daily adventures with Diego and Lyric at


  1. Cathy M said,

    Sunday, February 05, 2006
    Searching for Stacia Tauscher

    There is this quote that floats around the internet;

    “We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that thechild is already someone today.”It’s attributed to a person named “Stacia Tauscher” which nobody canseem to locate. Several sites label her an “author”, yet not one hasa title of any book she wrote. There is no biography to be found, nobirth place, no history of any kind. Only this one famous quote.Amy, a regular at Anne Ohman’s “shine with unschooling” list had afascination with finding this person. Well, I’ve caught the bug andhave tried every search known to man…..turning up next to nothing.There’s a possibility that she wrote a book from 1690, and Amydid find one other quote by this mystery person: “A child is a beam of sunlight from the Infinite and Eternal, withpossibilities of virtue and vice – but as yet unstained.”The grammar makes me believe that she is definitely a pre-19th century writer. Maybe time has obscured her work, yet the quotes remain. I need to know who she was, why she had such trust inchildren and what she did in her lifetime.The search for Stacia Tauscher is on…..write me if you know anything!

    Your post was so intriguing – I had to find out more – this was the only thing I found – how amazing!

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