August 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me

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I know, I know, it’s only been six months since I started blogging, while some people have been sending their thoughts into cyberspace for years. I believe in celebrations however, often find myself searching for the smallest excuse to commemorate some slight achievement, or looking for a reason to mark an occurrence that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Perhaps I’ve never really moved on from those days in high school where acknowledging each month of your “relationship du jour” was the norm, that non-Hallmark holiday where your current boyfriend honors the commitment of your love even if it has not lasted much longer than most warranties.

Happy Monthaversary to me.

Six months ago I was completely adverse to sharing my thoughts in this type of forum, had rarely examined anyone else’s blog, still thought Facebook was the stairway to Satan. Part of my reluctance was due to my technological inadequacies, and part was due to discovering that keeping two special needs children alive and writing a manuscript was a wee bit time-consuming. I admit, in part, my hesitation was also due to a belief that writing a memoir was “LIT-AH-RA-TURE”, and therefore not the slightest bit narcissistic, but writing about my daily life was.

My, how times have changed.

Frankly, I’m addicted now, have put dark chocolate and wine coolers on notice that my affections are fickle, and have discovered that scribing my thoughts on life with two children on the autism spectrum is a habit I can no longer control. It’s been immensely cathartic for me in a way that writing the manuscript was not, for I found when writing the book I felt compelled to constantly keep my audience in mind. Here, in the blogosphere, I let it all hang out (in the literary sense), and pretty much address whatever is on my brain for the tiny amount of time I’ve been able to carve out at my computer. Thus blogging, dear readers, has turned out to be far more fun.

I’m still not certain what I’ll be when I “grow up”, whether the blogging will indeed one day win me and my manuscript a coveted contract with a NY agent. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to continue to write my little missives, as it looks like I might actually have a child requiring future college tuition payments, and retiring before I’m eighty-five is also a goal. It might also be a nice idea for me to eventually devote my time to an endeavor that is financially lucrative, so my husband isn’t the sole contributor to the family coffers.

It’s just a thought.

But in the meantime I’ll keep plugging away on WordPress, grateful both that I have this outlet, and that my husband not only found the time to help me create my little niche, but didn’t divorce me during the process. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention some wonderful fellow bloggers who have welcomed me into the fold, made the entire experience far less frightening, and have made me permanently overcome my need to actually meet someone before I could determine whether or not I liked them. These women share their stories in eloquent (and often hysterical) fashion at:

Thank you, thank you, thank you my readers, for sticking with me as I learned this process, and for taking the time to comment when I am certain you have just a few other things lurking on your personal “to-do” lists. I appreciate the effort, and plan on remaining here with my now second-tier chocolate addictions in close proximity (and who am I kidding, the wine coolers often lurk here too) until my spouse once again requires a paycheck.

Simply, once again, thank you.



  1. Cathy M said,

    Happy Anniversary! I’m a regular DOAM reader but just came to yours. Your writing style is different yet your situation is familiar. I wish you well as you continue to post and explore the online community of parent and children on this difficult (sometimes) and joyous (sometimes) journey. We continue to grow and expand and draw strength from each other!

    • Beautifully said. It has really been an education for me. Thanks for checking out my site, I truly appreciate it! It was nice of Jess to recommend me.

  2. misifusa said,

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Mary Craig said,

    Loved this! I must confess too that either due to lack of sleep or too much “highlighting” of my hair (haha yeah right highlights) I was excited it was also you’re Anniversary. I wondered how many years you & your husband had been married for a brief moment before my eyes scanned down the page & then felt silly.
    Happy Anniversary! I’m glad you’re having as much fun writing as we do reading it all. You’ve helped me relax, made me laugh & brought the waterworks many days already. I’m looking forward to a great deal more to come!

  4. Mom said,

    Happy Anniversary daughter. Always predicted you would be a writer from the time you learned to read. You are that grown-up little girl now who no longer writes fairy tales, but stories that move people to laugh, cry, and rejoice. Thank you for taking me on your journey. I am so proud.

  5. jess said,

    oh honey, you had me at wine coolers. i’m a seagram’s wild berry girl, myself 🙂

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