September 14, 2010

Gratitude Attitude

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This week’s Gratitude Attitude goes to the men and women who worked so hard decades ago to make it mandatory for children with special needs to receive a free and appropriate public education. As my brain cells slowly regenerate (somewhat) from the summer, I want to extend my deepest gratitude toward those pioneers who contributed to the return of mommy time, my sanity, and most importantly, the opportunity for my sons to learn. Thank you for your efforts and commitment!



  1. Cathy M said,

    Ditto – Pam and Pete Wright of Wrightslaw – I have learned so much from their website and I hope to take one of their seminars one day. They are a great resource. You can even ‘fan’ them on Facebook and get timely updates!

  2. Mary Craig said,

    Amen to that!! That school bus was a welcome sight this morning & not because I don’t miss my kids while they’re off learning wonderful things. Simply because I have sooooo many other things to do that get done much faster when I’m alone & don’t have people undoing all that I’ve done.

    I’m also thankful for my son’s new teacher, new therapists and Paras and his LDTC who have helped him settle right in and not have any issues. He wakes up so happy & eager for school not like last year when he’d hide under the covers & scream like we were killing him!!

  3. LZ said,


  4. Cathy M said,

    What is an LDTC?

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