November 3, 2010

Kim Stagliano’s “All I Can Handle. I’m No Mother Theresa”

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“All I Can Handle. I’m No Mother Teresa”

by Kim Stagliano

Today, rather than shamelessly hawking my own “stuff”, I’ve chosen to promote the work of one of autism’s well-known advocates, Kim Stagliano. Kim and her husband are parents to three daughters on the autism spectrum (frankly, I’m impressed by any couple outnumbered by their children, and the fact that they’re autistic and doing so well is even more impressive). In addition to her tireless advocacy and simply being a damn good mom, she’s also a hilarious writer. Back in my “Amish days”, before I’d been introduced to the world of blogs, I surveyed any number of friends and asked them to recommend several “must-read” writers to me in the limited amount of time I had to cruise the blogosphere. Kim’s name came up again and again, and her poignant and funny pieces have both informed and entertained me for the better part of a year (and trust me, we parents of autistic children often need a good laugh).

I will cop to not having had the opportunity to read her just–released book yet (SOON, I PROMISE!!). If you purchase it and like it, please post a review after you’ve read it on Amazon, as that commentary is incredibly helpful to writers. I can’t wait until my copy arrives. Best of luck Kim!

You can purchase your copy from her blog at:

or off her website at:



  1. Debbie Provost said,

    LOL — have “popped” in 3 times so far expecting different results. Can’t find the contest. Or am I missing something so very obvious it’s silly? I do that alot Kim.

    : o )


  2. Hi – and thanks so much! I’m not running a contest at my blog or website just yet. There is an excerpt on my website. The blog is more well, random thoughts… Ha ha! Hope you enjoy the book.


  3. Debbie Provost said,

    That’s ok — Love the book … great review.


  4. seventhvoice said,

    Fantastic book. Just finished reading it. Loved what she had to say re: the whole immunisation debate.

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