November 21, 2010

Sweet Slumber

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A huge milestone has been accomplished chez McCafferty this week, one I sincerely doubted would be met by the time my oldest son became a teen-ager (which trust me, would have eventually resulted in a REALLY awkward situation, and not of the Jersey shore type).

My not-so-little boy is now slumbering in a real, bona fide, big boy bed.

Traditionally there has been a great deal of angst surrounding sleeping arrangements and Justin. My sweet guy spent almost his first half year “napping” or attempting unconsciousness while remaining securely belted into his car seat, which was the only way his sleep-deprived parents could ever cajole him to close his eyes for more than seventeen consecutive seconds. He never really approved of the bassinet either, howling his discontent mere moments after being placed into it and then continuing for an ETERNITY, or just an hour (which to his increasingly cranky parents eventually became the same thing).

We finally accepted sleep was not going to be his forte, and figured he could cry just as well in his crib, which we prayed he would acclimate to before we turned fifty. It only took two more decades (okay, YEARS, but it seemed that long) before Justin began consistently sleeping through the night, which to me constitutes ten uninterrupted hours. I continue to require enough time to get my beauty rest, have some wine, AND a catch a few hours of cable television.

Mommy or not, I still have my standards.

So no more car seats, cribs, cots, or junior beds allowed, Justin firmly resides in the big time now. Certainly, the bed I selected had to match the furniture, and I was FORCED to purchase sheets that compliment his room’s under-the-sea theme (because there had to be a theme of course), one wall of which is graced with a lovely mural I neither designed nor painted.

Come on people, I scrapbooked AND traced “turkey-hands” this week. Cut me some slack.

I’ve made this into an event here, with Zachary anxiously anticipating the bed’s arrival and construction (yes, we’re wimps and are shelling out the assembly fee, so sue me). We arranged the unveiling for a Friday evening, just in case it took Justin a few nights to accept his newest sleeping arrangements (yes, a few nights, I’m playing the glass overflowing here). Much to Zach’s delight we practiced hiding in Justin’s room and yelling “SURPRISE!” for his big brother’s grand entrance, so my youngest was primed and more than ready for the big night to commence. Only one wild card remained:  I never really know how Justin is going to react to anything. Much to my relief, if I’d had any doubts as to how he’d feel about his upgrade, they were all banished the second he crossed the threshold to his room:

And here’s wishing to you and yours, one of my favorite things EVER, a simple, satisfying, good night’s sleep.



  1. Mom said,

    Love that face! That’s my boy!

    • Would have sent them to you earlier, but haven’t quite mastered the “phot0/email” thing yet, baby steps…

  2. Nels said,

    Good for you Kim. Congrats

  3. Kathy M said,

    Hurray! Here’s to sweet dreams!

  4. misifusa said,

    Here’s to the new bed and beauty sleep! 🙂

  5. Cindy said,

    That is HUGE! Congrats to all!

  6. He looks so happy!! Hooray. And yes, I will be cursing you later today when I don’t know why, but I can’t get the theme song from The Little Mermaid out of my head. Thanks. 😉

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