February 8, 2011

Gratitude Attitude

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Today’s Gratitude Attitude is written in thanks for the passing of House Bill 2467 (the “autism bill”) in Virginia last week. Yes, if passed into law it will only include children ages two to six (Justin’s seven, sucks for his parents). It will only cover up to $35,000 in autism therapies per year (trust me, that’s like a down payment). Companies can claim exemption if they employ more than fifty people, or if their premiums rise more than 1%. It is considered the most restrictive bill for autism in the country.

And it only took eleven years.

But it’s something. I personally want to thank Delegate Thomas Greason (R-Loudoun) and Speaker William Howell (I’m sure they’ve been waiting anxiously for my approval) for their diligent work to bring this piece of legislature to fruition. I am certain, no matter what the restrictions, that this will bring some much needed financial respite to numerous Virginia families. Despite the fact that Justin’s too old for his parents to benefit from its ultimate passing, I’m thrilled for these families, and not the least bit bitter at our exclusion from its rewards.

Okay, maybe a little.

This didn’t happen in a vacuum, however, so my congratulations also go out to the parents, the moms, dads, and extended family members who didn’t give up on a dream that began long before my son was even born. Thank you for your tireless efforts!


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