February 13, 2011

Queen of Hearts

Posted in Life's Little Moments tagged , at 11:18 am by autismmommytherapist

I know. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that’s supposed to be about romantic love. The truth is I already composed my opus to my husband last year with The Good Life, and I don’t think I can top it. So here’s a piece for my other loves, my little boys. Happy Valentine’s Day!



You curl into my mid-riff like a comma, head and limbs tucked snugly between us, always still as you emerge from slumber.

Your big brother remained in motion, arms and legs wrapped tightly around my torso, ever-shifting, never static as his younger self would greet the day.

He remains like that in life as well, with his strong hugs that literally take my breath away before he quickly disengages, constantly moving, rarely at rest.

You, however, are my own personal pause, the child who forced me to tame the torrent in my mind, shelve the worries over your collective future, and simply learn to savor the moment.

I love you both so deeply, my forever child, and my child for whom forever embraces the infinite realm of so many possibilities.

I love you always.



  1. Mom said,

    Beautiful–I truly am at a loss for words daughter.

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