March 20, 2011

The Blues

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This past week, an exquisite writer named Jess, the author of adiaryofamom, wrote an impassioned missive to the President (yes, the REAL one) that actually has a great chance of landing in the man’s actual hands. In the letter, she spoke of many important issues surrounding autism and its myriad manifestations, but her writing really focused on one central tenet:  the need, the imperative need, for ever-increasing awareness of every aspect of this disorder. She then asked the President, and all of us “regular people”, those with and without a connection to autism, to please show our support for this mission. The plan, by changing both the White House’s and our own porchlights to blue on Saturday, April 2nd, is to show solidarity on what will be our fourth annual World Autism Awareness Day.

This is one blogger who’s sending her husband to Walmart next week.

Jess writes so eloquently in her directive to President Obama that to do it justice you need to read it (here), and if you have the time, any comments you leave on the site could possibly help further the cause. I would be so appreciative if my readers would take the opportunity to do so.

As Jess so aptly put it, “awareness is not the goal, but the means by which we will achieve it.”  She’s right. Awareness is the precursor to discourse, to the written word, to impassioned speeches, to initial drafts of legislature, to the salvation and sanctity of law. It is not the endpoint. It is the catalyst to change.

And for the million or so adults and children on the spectrum in this country, and the multiple millions on our planet, it is imperative this awareness continues to take root and blossom in every corner, and in every crevice, of the world.

In her letter Jess states, “Blue says we are here. We see you. We hear you. We support you.”

I am asking those of you who read this blog, and particularly those who reside in New Jersey, where the prevalence for boys who have autism is 1 in 64, (yes, 1 in 64), to please support us on April 2nd. Shroud your outside lights in a strong shade of blue, and illuminate the world.

On behalf of my children, I thank you for your support.


  1. jess said,


    and thank you.

  2. misifusa said,

    We are with you. Blue lights!

  3. Robin McIntosh said,

    We are lighting it up blue for the entire month of April…….. we have two sons with Autism (aspergers and ASD) one with ADHD/Bi-Polar and three neuro-typical. Our porch lights will shine blue all day/night. Thanking Melissa for sending me your sight! God Bless you all!


    • Robin, thank you SO MUCH for your support. I hope a lot of people ask you why you chose to do this. Thank you again!

  4. profmother said,

    We also went to Target- where you just can’t find blue lights- so we went to KMart- where we told them about our “blue light special”!

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