April 5, 2011

Gratitude Attitude

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Where to begin?

First, I would like to thank Laura Apel, and the editors at Exceptional Parent magazine, for giving an unpublished housewife her first break in the April edition of their online publication. In case you don’t subscribe, you can see my little name and a blurb about the piece right here. Thank you EP!

I would be remiss in today’s Gratitude Attitude if I didn’t thank everyone who contributed both financially and by their presence to POAC’s first 2011 walk-a-thon this past Saturday, April 2nd, on World Autism Awareness Day. It was a tremendous thing to watch thousands of people stroll around a stadium in hopes for a better future for their children. Thank you (and special thanks to my Mom for helping out)!

Last, but not least, to all who are turning their porch lights blue this month, my gratitude. Anything (legal) done to enhance awareness of autism is wonderful in my book. Many thanks!


  1. Meredith Yannon said,

    Kim That is wonderful news!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 I tried to read the article, but it is not easy to get to. Is there a way to read it without setting up accounts and paawords with them?

    • Thanks hon! They may do a “browse” feature later that might permit you to look at it, but I’m not sure if that will get you access to the article or not. Don’t worry, clearly I’m getting a hard copy, I’ll bring it in to you!

  2. Shivon said,

    Congratulations!! “Unpublished Housewife” that can write her butt off!! 🙂

  3. lou stefano said,

    Kim, I’m thrilled that you’ve found your mission…your calling. You are the right messenger for the message. I look forward to reading the article.


    • Thanks Lou, I really appreciate that! Say hello to everyone at HW for me, and thanks for reading this!

  4. Mom said,

    I am not surprised that others recognize your talent and passion–but very pleased for you. You always said you wanted to be a writer from the time you were a little girl and writing short stories and poems. Love you!

  5. Ruth Ormsbee said,

    Hi! I wish I could see the article. I knew you would do a good job.
    How about getting it published in “Parade Magazine” that is in the Sunday paper?? My prayers are with you all.
    Aunt Ruthioe

  6. misifusa said,

    Congratulations! May this be the first of many publications! You’re on your way now!

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