November 13, 2011

Happy Halloqueen Part Two

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I know, all of you have been waiting with breathless anticipation for my follow-up post to what I might redub “Halloween Part One:  Kim Really Likes Her Neighbors”, and here it is. If you read last year’s post Happy Halloqueen (and if by some chance you haven’t, here it is, life’s full of second chances), you’re already aware that I’m somewhat obsessed by the holiday, and prefer to extend the celebration for an entire month. Both kids are doing so well we were able to participate in a lot more events this season, and of course I had camera on hand for each one. The most amazing part about this spooky month came from Justin not only consenting to participate in his Mommy’s crazy schedule each and every time, but truly enjoying every activity in which he participated. My boy really “gets” that Halloween is fabulous.

He is clearly my son.

So here’s our “best of”, which I hope you enjoy. If people had told me on Justin’s second Halloween (the one where he remained surgically attached to me while we canvassed our neighborhood in the hopes I’d score Reeses Peanut Butter cups) that one day my child would think trick-or-treating was fun, I wouldn’t have believed them. Actually, I would have laughed, stolen more of my son’s candy, and then told them I didn’t believe them.

This year luckily, no hollow laughter was involved, just an inappropriate consumption of carbs. And I’m thrilled to share our “season” with you.

(“What’s up dude?”)

(Deciding whether or not witches are real…)

(What’s better than wearing your costume to school?)

(Even Bumblebee needs to rest!)

(“Hey, you guys are going on the hayride too?”)

(Loving Halloween, just like his mommy…)

(Somebody adores a good hayride!)

(That guy from Halloween Wars has nothing on Zach…)

(So many pumpkins, so little time.)

(Giving gluten-free Halloween cookies a shot.)

(The master at work…)

(Because when your previously non-verbal child asks you to dress up, you yank your “pre-child serving wench” costume out of the closet, pray it still fits, and wear it with pride.)



  1. mamafog said,

    Great pictures. Glad you had a fun Halloween.

  2. Misifusa said,

    LOVE the pics! SOO glad that Halloween was such a success! Here’s to a great tradition! xo

  3. Kathy said,

    Love the pictures! The boys are so cute!

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