November 23, 2011

Saved by “La Cucaracha”

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The sound of his sobs cleaves the air, is in sharp contrast to the cries of glee emanating from my youngest as he cavorts around his room post-bath.  I run down the hallway to Justin’s room, confused because I just left him smiling ear-to-ear as I wrapped him up in his air and space sleeping bag, luxuriating in the prospect of impending slumber.  I quickly cross the threshold and am met with a tearful child, one enmeshed in twisted sheets and fishy throw, at complete odds with the world.  His cries intensify as I cross the room to him, and he regards me with what I can honestly say is utter despair.  I slide into bed with him to offer what comfort I can, and realize I’ve left the door open as I hear Zach asking “what’s wrong with Justin?”.

Of course, out of habit, in my mind I reply “nothing’s wrong with him, he’s just sad”, but to a four-year-old, that’s not the point.

“I must help him!” my youngest shouts, followed by the soft patter of feet on carpet as he runs down the hall, my husband in hot pursuit.  Jeff looks at me and we exchange our “telepathic” glance, the one in which he asks if it’s okay for Zach to be in the room, and I respond that it is.  My exuberant pre-schooler scales the sideboards meant to protect Justin from falling, and lands squarely on his big brother’s butt.  I see Justin grimace in mild annoyance at first, but soon he permits himself to be enveloped by one of Zach’s mighty hugs.  Zach looks at Justin’s face, then turns to me and says “He’s still crying Mommy, I will help”.  He shimmies off the bed, still in his birthday suit, and gets the situation under control by performing the only possible solution.

With great gusto, my son performs “La Cucharacha”.

It’s a rousing rendition, complete with air snaps, twirls, and extreme emphasis on the last syllable, just to make sure we know what he’s singing.  I glance over at Justin and am rewarded not only by arrested tears, but by the glimmer of a smile he saves only for his little brother.  Crisis averted.  The night is saved by a four-year-old.

And once again, as I have been so often, particularly in the last few years, I’m just so thankful.

I’m thankful that I married the right guy the first time around.  Thankful for the educational world (this community is too big for a village) who solicits the best from both of my boys, and loves them more than a little too.  I am thankful for our friends and family who continue to “get” our sometimes crazy lives, and contribute to our happiness as well.  I am exceedingly, extravagantly thankful that my boys are developing such a wonderful relationship with each other, that they regard one another as a positive in their lives.  I am humbly thankful for an amazing personal opportunity I’ll be sharing with all of you soon.  Hell, I’m just thankful I’m beginning to understand the witchcraft workings of my new smart phone.

But I digress.

Last, but not least, I’m so thankful for all of my readers, “old” and new, some of whom have stuck with me and my missives for almost two years now, and have offered me such support, and wisdom along the way.  I wish all of you the happiest of Thanksgivings, and much love, laughter and friendship on this day, and always.



  1. Mom said,

    Loved it ! Love all of you!

  2. Misifusa said,

    Happy, Healthy and LOVE-filled Thanksgiving to you! I am always so happy to see that you’ve written again in your blog.
    Thank you for the personal glimpses into your life, the awareness that you continue to raise for Autism and those whom it affects and for the small miracles you can find in everyday life. xo

  3. cindy said,

    Lol, what a fascinating song choice. I always love hearing about the fabulous bond between Zach and Justin. The most amazing thing however is that you are rocking a smart phone. Very impressive!

  4. Ghkcole said,

    This is lovely. Your family is lovely. Happy wishes to you.

  5. Kathy said,

    I wish I could have seen that performance! It sounds priceless! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family, Kim!

  6. Chad said,

    Thankful for you and your amazing and heartfelt writing. Thanks for sharing Berlee!

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