December 22, 2011

Holiday Wishes

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I know. Everybody hates repeats.

Each Christmas since I’ve begun writing there has been either some miraculous occurrence or some serious debacle with one (or both) of the kids around the holidays, an event of such significance I would feel compelled to write about it. This year, I have to admit, I’ve got nothing. Chez McCafferty, things have been (dare I say the word), almost “normal”.

And boy, does that feel good.

So, I’m summoning up the repeat, a piece I wrote last year about making a gingerbread house with Zach (constructed out of felt people, you are familiar by now with my lack of culinary skills). I’m reposting it in part because I just don’t have anything that fabulous to write about for my holiday post, and in part because I simply love this piece.

But for those of you who have been with me since last year (and there are more people than just my mommy now, it’s quite gratifying), I’ve included a little letter to Santa from moi, just so you don’t feel completely cheated (after all, how would you make it through the holidays?).

So whether you’re celebrating Chanukah, Christmas, or any other holiday, here’s sincerely wishing the best to you and yours, as well as a profound thank you for taking the time to read my little missives. I’ll see you for New Year’s.

Love and joy to all…

Dear Santa,

According to my husband I have been an extremely good girl this year (which means I’ve been slightly less than a cranky old harridan most days), so I thought I’d send you a letter with my requests (demands) for my exceptional behavior. We are an ABA family here, and since I’m well past “sticker stage”, here we go:

1) Bring me more patience to deal with my kids (and we’re talking a veritable boatload here).

2) Return some semblance of my failing memory to me. I’ll even take what I had at forty. I think I was “zippier” then (but I can’t remember).

3) Bring Kim Kardashian some post-divorce peace. We share the same first name, I feel compelled to do my part.

4) Let my autism play not sucketh.

5) Let me not lose all of my friends when I mention said autism play on Facebook 1,000 times a day after the holidays (and if I ever figure out Twitter, the same goes for that damn social media outlet too).

6) Did I mention bringing me more patience?  If so, refer to request (demand) #2 please.

7) Bring on the world peace (duh).

8) Let my boys remain independent, happy and productive (had to get one more serious thing in here!).


New Year’s Evolution


  1. Jina said,

    I bet Santa will grant you all your wishes! May you have wonderful holiday season filled with patience and a real gingerbread house, Kim! 😉

  2. Mom said,

    Always enjoy re-reading your “missives”. Reminds me too of all the good things that have happened this past year. This family works very hard to make all these good things happen–how joyous we can all celebrate them together. Love, Mom

  3. Misifusa said,

    Always love your blog posts! Happy New Year to YOU! xo

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