March 9, 2012

Exceptional Parent Magazine and Brick Township High School/Gratitude Attitude

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Absolutely ridiculous amounts of gratitude to write about this week…

First, major thanks to Vanessa Ira and the staff at Exceptional Parent Magazine for allowing me to publish an article about my fundraising play, “Raising Autism”, which will be produced for POAC Autism Services.  It is an honor, and I am so appreciative!

Second, a note of deep appreciation to the staff at Brick Township High School, as well as to Colleen, my “sound and lights person”.  Mr. Biblheimer and Jennifer Roebuck, employees at the school, were instrumental in helping me figure out exactly how we’re going to pull off the first show.   It’s just six weeks away, it will go by quickly.  Thanks to all for their cooperation!

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  1. Misifusa said,

    Congrats to you on all of your major accomplishments! Keep up the great work! We are all grateful for your play ~ and for sharing your life with us through your posts!

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