November 18, 2012

Storm Stories

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It’s day fourteen post-Sandy, and my house is calm, warm and finally clean. As I come back from my run I pick up the morning’s debris pre-school bus, mostly books scattered around the front door as Zach likes a good story before he begins his day.  I finish cleaning up, and I realize there will be almost no noise or demands made on me for the next four consecutive hours, and I break into a huge grin.

School, glorious school.

At chez McCafferty we got power back in the middle of last week, and the luxuries of consistent phone, cable and internet use this weekend.  We were one of the lucky families, merely inconvenienced, no tragedy accompanying our storm.  As of this Saturday things really started to get back to normal here, which makes me both happy for my own brood who truly crave routine, and simultaneously anxious.  There are still hundreds of families in my own town without homes.  As time passes and all of our routines are reestablished, I just want to make sure we don’t forget those still in need.

Zach’s kindergarten teacher kindly called us over the weekend, attempting to locate all of her charges and make sure they were okay.  She shared with me that it is very likely that some of the students in my son’s school, perhaps in his class, have been displaced.  She also told me that in an act of typical largesse Brick is accepting students from surrounding towns as well.  It is sobering to imagine a five-year-old boy like Zach losing so much and having to start over in a new school as well.  I can only imagine the added degree of difficulty if the child has special needs.

I can imagine it, but it’s not a pretty picture.

I’m hoping when the dust clears a little we can get a handle on who is still in need, and what exactly they require at this point.  It may be the simple staples of food, clothing, and batteries.  Perhaps families will be at a point where gift cards would serve them best.

We won’t know unless we ask.  And we have to keep asking, even as more fortunate families like my own move on with their lives.

I like the idea of matching individual families with donations, and as I hear of situations such as this I will be posting them here.  Please feel free to comment, particularly if you or your company is offering specific items to people.  The important thing now is to make connections, and continue to let those whose lives were literally uprooted by Hurricane Sandy know that we still care.

And from what I’ve seen of the generosity of not only this town, the Jersey shore, and the entire state, I know we can truly help.

Places to make donations to families in need are as follows:

1) Primary Learning Center

224-260 Chambers Bridge Road

Brick NJ 08723

Need:  gift cards to Target, Walmart, Loews, etc.

Contact info:  (732) 262-2590

Cindy Dornacker ext. 1527

Magda Diaz ext. 1528

The PLC cannot provide receipts


2) POAC (Parents of Autistic Children)

1999 Route 88

Brick, NJ 08724

(732)  785-1099

Need:  Gift cards to Target, Walmart, Loews, etc.

Drop-off:   between 10-2 weekdays

Mail:  attention Gary Weitzen/Simone Tellini

POAC will provide a receipt upon request


3) Backpacks for Brick

If Brick students at any of our schools need supplies, they should let their teacher or guidance counselor know.  Supplies will be replenished this week.

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