March 23, 2013

Kick the Autism Bucket List

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As I approach fifty (more rapidly every day it seems), my mind has naturally begun to ponder what I’d like to see accomplished in the world of autism during the last half(?) of my existence as I shoot for that three-digit lifespan. I have personal goals of course (learn how to use my phone, drop those last baby pounds from 2007), but quite honestly I have my own “autism wish list” as well.

Some of these stem from personal experience, some are garnered from the news, and some, to me, just seem to make perfect sense. In honor of autism awareness month, which is coming in April, I’d like to share a few points from my autism bucket list with you, and invite you to respond with yours as well. As Ms. Clinton said it takes a village (or in our community’s case, a galaxy), and I’d love to know what changes you’d like to see in the autism landscape to come.

1) First, since Virginia didn’t recognize Justin’s autism diagnosis back in the day (which forced me to be his primary therapist thirty hours a week for almost a year-and-a-half), I’d love to see legislation in Virginia which requires that adequate Early Intervention therapies be offered to children under three who are diagnosed with autism.

2) Help introduce legislation requiring every state to require teachers to take an autism certification program prior to teaching children with autism so they are familiar with this population. Duh.

3) Have a viable, appropriate employment opportunity for every differently-abled adult out there who wants one. Amen.

4) Have a viable, appropriate residential opportunity for every differently-abled adult out there who wants one. Double amen.

5) Have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in my autism play (okay, this is the fantasy wish, but a girl can dream).

6) See the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network sites become the go-to place for autism diagnosis and treatment in our country and Canada.

7) Get my books published and donate fabulous amount of money to Autism Speaks and Parents of Autistic Children (again, a girl can dream BIG).

8) Have Fairfax County Virginia schools adopt my anti-bullying program (and have the opportunity to travel down there to help implement it!).

9) See my beautiful eldest boy reside in a place he loves, and have access to riding those horses he adores.

10) Watch as Zachary is sworn in as President (or becomes a fireman, his newest passion, either way we’re good).

Thanks in advance for your contributions!


  1. Pam Panther said,

    My wish in South Africa is that everyone knows what Autism is. We have a handful of dedicated Proffessional. Unless you have enough money to pay for services your child will fall through the cracks.
    I live in Port Elizabeth. there is one dedicated Autistic school between Cape Town and Durban. 1 in 88 children on the spectrum, our schools are not geared to be inclusive as the staff have no idea how to cope with Autistic children. My heart breaks for my grandchild.

  2. May ALL on your Bucket List come to fruition! Tell Zach he has my vote! xo

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