August 4, 2014

Autism Cares Act of 2014

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Happily, today I have wonderful news to share.

This past week saw our Senate unanimously pass the Autism CARES Act of 2014, meaning that bill S. 2449 is on its way to President Obama, where he will sign it into law.  The Autism CARES Act reauthorizes the Combating Autism Act of 2006, which dedicates $260 million a year in federal funding for autism services over the next half decade.

I’m proud to thank New Jersey’s own Senator Robert Menendez and Congressman Chris Smith for their tireless work on this legislation.  This bill when signed into law extends already existing federal programs through 2019, programs which include education and support services, as well as a focus on autism research.  It will require that a report be written focusing on the needs of young adults on the autistic spectrum and what they require when transitioning from school-based services to services they will require in adulthood.  The goal is the findings from this report will serve as a blueprint to help families achieve long-term success for their autistic loved ones.

I want to say a special thank-you to Senator Menendez and Congressman Smith for their advocacy and dedication in seeing this bill pass once again.  Justin will be leaving school in ten short years, and my deepest hope is that there will be safe and viable options for him in terms of residential placement and employment.  The Autism CARES Act is one more step in the right direction for those dreams of mine to come true.

Thanks again to our Congressmen!


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    Thank you

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