November 3, 2014

A Joyous Day

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Two weekends ago I had the honor of witnessing the wedding of one of my former students back in my stomping grounds of Washington DC. It was one of those weekends which truly make me miss the DC area- crisp fall breezes, abundant sunshine, the sound of leaves crackling underfoot. I had the joy of speaking with the bride and one other former student that evening, got to relish the realization that they are happy, successful, loved.

I could still see the little girl in each of them (and since I taught them what feels like a hundred years ago, that was pretty fabulous.)

Their rabbi performed a traditional ceremony, and the bride and groom being who they are made certain every guest had the chance to participate in some way. One of the most beautiful parts of the wedding was the reading of the seven blessings, where relatives, co-workers, those of us who knew them before high school, and those who knew them after (they truly thought of everyone) had the opportunity to read an inspirational passage to wish them well on their journey together.

I loved what I was invited to say, and would like to share it with you here:

“Blessed be compassion, graciousness, patience, kindness and truth, and all that humans should strive for.”

These inspired words made me think not only of the work we still need to do within our autism community, but made me think of the world at large as well. I at least try to practice each of these daily with my kids, my spouse (sometimes that’s harder,) and the Jersey drivers who constantly cut me off. Sometimes I succeed in acting these lofty goals out.

More often than not I fail.

But I’ll keep trying, because we’re really not here all that long, and God knows the world needs more of all of them.






Amen to it all, and to all of you, a joyous day.


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  1. WriteFitz said,

    I’ll second that Amen 🙂

  2. I HEARTily agree ~ Blessed Be. ♥

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