November 26, 2014


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Halloween 2014 005

Today I just want to take a few moments to wish everyone reading this a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, and take a few moments as well to reflect upon things I’m grateful for this year (there are many!)

– Grateful that my severely autistic son read aloud to me for the first time

– Even more grateful for the incandescent joy that lit up his face when he did so

– Grateful that my youngest son is so happy with his life

– Grateful for the friends I’ve made here since leaving my beloved Washington eight years ago

– Particularly grateful for my autism mommy friends who save my sanity frequently

– Grateful for two excellent parent teacher conferences and a wonderful IEP thrown in to boot

– Grateful for chocolate and wine

– Grateful my husband won’t be jetting off to Europe again for work any time soon and leaving me with my wonderful (but often exhausting) kids

– Grateful in general for said husband who still makes me laugh no matter what

– Grateful to be living near family once again and for all their help

– Extremely grateful for the amazing professionals at both of my sons’ schools

– Grateful that even living in a house inundated with autism that we’re all happy, healthy and generally like each other most of the time

– Grateful for everyone who takes the time to read this blog

– Grateful for my life, with all its ups and down, twists and turns

-Grateful I’m not cooking on Thanksgiving (thanks Mom!)

Happiest of Thanksgivings to everyone!

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  1. And we are all truly grateful for you ~ you inspire us and everyone with whom you come into contact! How lucky we are! ♥ Happy Thanksgiving!

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