June 1, 2015

Birthday Joy

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Spring 2015 100

It’s a pretty tableau. My son sits among strewn tissue and wrapping paper, claiming his prize, his birthday presents. I watch as my husband places his gifts into outstretched arms, see my son eagerly tear apart the carefully taped paper I so lovingly adhered for him. He frees the toy from its constraints, and I sit back in my chair to take a picture and capture the moment for all eternity. I look through the lens and prepare to click.

Then I see him smile.

It sounds silly to devote a post to a child smiling at his birthday presents. But for more than a decade my son has approached his birthday, and almost everything typical people deem “fun,” as a solemn ritual, a task to be organized.

Generally it is difficult to even get him to finish unwrapping his take- I’m usually going up against his OCD, his need to organize rather than unwrap.

But tonight is different. Tonight, he shows joy.

And as I watch him exuberantly rip off paper and dive into bags I allow myself a moment to revel in his glee, and put the camera to the side. I think about how grateful I am that he’s demonstrating his joy, because so often in situations I think will make him happy I’m left guessing, wondering if he’s truly enjoying himself.

Tonight I don’t have to guess.

He treats each gift with a mixture of awe and amazement, then wraps up his endeavor with his lyrical laugh, and bestows a huge hug and kiss on his mama.

He loved tonight. For once, I got to know that he adored a timeless ritual that most people take for granted their children will love.

And I join him in being happy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing a touching story.
    The moments you cherish are truly those that most take for granted.
    God shows His goodness and love by giving you glimpses of that which He sees in your son every moment.
    A Happy Birthday!

  2. NickyB. said,

    What a great moment! I’ll never forget the Christmas that my son showed joy and excitement.

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