July 5, 2016

Where He Is

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Zach in a Bath 014

We sway in slight staccato, my boy’s arms wrapped tightly around my waist, his left cheek flush with my right. We hold each other close as we do every morning, our sacred ritual, our own unique way of welcoming the day.

Soon we must move apart as we walk through our morning routine, but for these few minutes the world is just us, no demands, no noise, no time table. I breathe him in, and think about how much I thought I knew about autism thirteen years ago was (at least in regards to my boy,) wrong.

I recall the websites lamenting lack of eye contact, and smile as I think about the gourgeous gaze he bestows on his mom, dad, brother and anyone in his inner circle.

I remember how the internet implied he’d never be affectionate, and chuckle as his arms wrap even tighter around my torso.

I think back to dire warnings of constant meltdowns for life, and while we dwelled there for a while, now my boy greets each day with unmitigated joy.

I recall that nowhere on the website did anyone mention how rewarding it would be to watch him achieve even minor milestones, how meeting him where he is, not where any books or child specialists think he should be, is a reward in itself.

He pulls back to bestow a kiss upon me delivered with his signature grin, his way of letting me know all is right with his world. We start the slow shuffle to begin the day, and for the thousandth time I am grateful for this boy, his laughter, his life, his love.

Grateful for the ability to meet him where he is.


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  1. Grandma said,

    Gratefu indeed!! Love, grandma


    Their world is much better than ours at times – love going there!!!!

  3. How beautifully put, Kim! I believe it is such a gift to be able to connect with human beings on different levels. From my limited experience with autistic students, I agree with you that watching students on the spectrum achieve minor milestones is SO rewarding for everyone who knows and loves him/her.

  4. misifusa said,

    I love how you describe these precious moments and rejoice in each and every one of them! ♥

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