February 12, 2019

What You’ll Take With You

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Yesterday, you turned twelve.

Officially, you are two-thirds of the way “cooked.”

I’ve heard the last third goes by fast.

Even my mom superpowers can’t slow down the passage of time.

I want you to know I’m so proud of your unique soul. I’m proud of your accomplishments of course, but mostly exuberant that you want these things, and you can achieve them.

Within the range of your talents, you can achieve anything.

I would not have written these words a decade ago, only hoped they’d be true, kept them on a shelf in the recesses of my mind to hopefully be brought into the light later on.

You struggled so much back then with your words, your sensory issues, and your sleep (Mom struggled too). My focus back then was on therapy, getting you to uses your words, helping you overcome sensory challenges.

I look back and know there wasn’t much of an emphasis on fun, although I tried.

My solace is you were too young to remember.

You’ve worked so hard to achieve your goals- good grades, friends, advancement in scouts, achievement in karate, and your desire to conquer every lego set in existence.

Your mind, and your heart continue to amaze me.

In six short years you will be a man.

I hope you carry with you some of the child within.

I hope you retain your compassion for others.

I hope you bring with you your curiosity toward the world.

I hope you continue to want to help those less fortunate.

I hope you remember every time we laughed.

I wish you’ll recall all the times I made you your favorite tacos.

I hope you realize how much you are loved.

Happy birthday to my littlest love!


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  1. Chad said,


    Sorry I have been away so long. Great tribute!

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