June 8, 2021

Thanks to Veterans Memorial Middle School

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To Mrs. Butler, Mr. Carr, Mr. Filippone, Ms. Damken, Mrs. Dunne, Mrs. Reilly, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Marvin, Mr. Connelly, Mr. Rizzitello, Mr. Clancy, Mrs. Rizzitello, Mr. Lafferty, Mrs. Bauer, and Mrs. Mullarkey:

Every year for the last two years I have written a missive praising Zach’s Veterans Memorial Middle School’s teachers, and I am happy to say this year I will make it a trifecta.

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with how well they made this year work with the hybrid of virtual and in-person school. As a former veteran teacher I can tell you that one of the keys to success in the classroom is knowing your students- that is not easy to do when they’re all virtual, or only in school a few hours a week. Despite the scarcity of time in the physical classroom Zach’s teachers managed to pull off excellent instruction, provided comprehensive communication, and did it all with a deep commitment and a sense of humor.

They were truly phenomenal.

Somehow, despite limited time together, this creative group of teachers managed to make eighth grade fun, were willing and able to answer any questions, treated Zach with compassion and respect, and most importantly, made my son want to learn.

And I can truly say this about every teacher Zach has had in the entirety of his middle school career.

Zach attended Midstreams Elementary back in the day, a wonderful elementary school and comfortable haven. I have to admit I was very nervous about Zach leaving this safe cocoon for the rigors of middle school, and there were some bumps in the road along the way. My son was able to weather the storms, make friends and thrive, with all of his teachers willing to help at any time. Just the other day Zach told me he will actually miss middle school (!), and I know this is mostly due to the dedication of the teachers and staff to make it a place of both learning and fun.

I can tell you I am honestly so grateful to each and every one of his educators.

In just three short months Zach will be embarking upon high school, and I am happy to say I feel he will be prepared. In his three years at Veterans he has learned patience, perserverance, and reaped the benefits of having compassionate teachers who encouraged him always to be his best self.

Thanks to your commitment to excellence, your creativity, and your kindness toward those you teach I have no doubt my son will be ready for the rigors of high school, and the life lessons that will accompany the next four years of his journey.

Thank you to all of you for all your efforts with my son. We truly appreciate you!

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  1. Susan Lee Preston said,

    I am sure Zach’s teachers appreciate these comments each year, but especially this year! I am so impressed by the dedication of educators during these most trying of times. Thank you!

  2. Kimberlee,
    A wonderful testimonial to a school that employs specially talented teachers who have a special task in this world. As one handicapped by polio at age four, I know that the world can seem filled with circles while one an feel like a square. Like Zach, I, too, was blessed with objective yet compassionate guides that so helped me to so adjust to the world, that I no longer saw myself a square, and proved it so by living successfully. I hope the same for him.

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