December 1, 2021

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

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Dear Justin,

A few weeks ago I wrote about an excellent IEP meeting I’d had with your school ( I know, don’t hate me), where I asked about the possibility of your having a job. I remember mentally crossing my fingers that Covid wouldn’t rob you of this anymore, as I’d hoped you’d have had the experience by now.

Apparently, crossing fingers works.

I was told that you would indeed have a job, and as of last week you were officially doing office work in a nearby municipal building. It’s only for an hour, although maybe they’ll increase your time there, but that’s good enough.

Last week, my boy, you went diligently to this new space and shredded papers and removed staples, things you have been doing faithfully for a long time at school.

I couldn’t be more proud.

In less than three short years you will be leaving your beloved school. I don’t know what kind of opportunities I will be able to provide for you. There will probably be a day program, and if my wish comes true, my friends and I will eventually be able to provide a wonderful place for you to live coupled with the outings you so enjoy.

A job, I am not so sure I’ll be able to provide for you.

So I’m thrilled for you for now, for whatever the next three years brings for you in the world of employment.

I’m proud you’re leaving your comfort zone at school to do this.

I’m proud you were able to transfer skills to a different location.

I’m proud that you seem to take pride in your work,

I’m just proud of you in general.

Keep up the good work my son, I love you!

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  1. Grandmom said,

    Way to go Justin!!❤️

  2. Kathy Stattel said,

    Congratulations to you Justin. Your hard work has paid off. I wish you good luck in your job. Kim to you I also offer congratulations on fulfilling one of your dreams. You are a wonderful supporter of him. Your love and perseverance have paid off.

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