February 9, 2015

Brick SEPTA Meeting

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This December I had the opportunity to attend the Brick Special Education PTA’s 10th anniversary “Meet and Greet.” It is an event which included various organizations devoted to helping those with special needs, a visit from Mayor Ducey, and a strong turn-out from parents, teachers, and administrators alike.

It also holds multiple raffles just for attending, and I win something cool every year (and trust me, I never win anything.)

I’m writing today about SEPTA in part to praise its president, Brenda Calderone (and the board too,) for putting together such a wonderful evening. I’m also writing about it to urge all parents of special needs students, whether they have a full-fledged IEP or just a 504, to get involved in the organization.

I began attending meetings in 2006 when SEPTA was just two years old, and my eldest son with severe autism was only three. I remember feeling so generally overwhelmed at the time, as we had just moved to Jersey from Washington, DC a few months earlier, and I had yet to really connect with any other parents. I recall knowing I’d found a safe haven when after the first meeting I attended Mary Tara Wurmser, SEPTA’s past president, came up to me afterwards with a welcome and an offer to help if I needed anything.

Since then I’ve met many helpful people through SEPTA, and those connections have been invaluable in helping both of my autistic sons.

SEPTA runs several fabulous events, including an annual Easter Egg Hunt, and Halloween Fest which my boys particularly love. While these events are wonderful, the best part of SEPTA is the opportunity to feel a part of a community, to know that help is not far away. I strongly encourage any parents of special needs children in Brick to consider joining (the membership fee is only $6.50 per person, a steal) and also consider attending their next meeting, which will be held on 2/24 at 7:00 PM at Civic Plaza, 270 Chambers Bridge Road (right corner of the strip mall.)

I hope to see all of you there, and thanks!

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October 17, 2013

Brick SEPTA Meeting/Halloween Fest

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As I help Justin up that first big step of the slide inflatable he so adores I see a witch whip by me out of the corner of my eye, and hear Zach gasp with delight. Pretty soon a young Luke Skywalker queues up in front of me for his turn, and Zach dashes off with his father in tow for the far more challenging inflatable maze which has caught his interest.

I soon capture on film my son’s joyous face as he hurtles down to greet me, and we are off to collect his brother. My youngest asks “what’s next?” and I lay out his choices for him- a hayride, pumpkin painting, and both boys’ ultimate favorite, free popcorn. Zach takes off for open field at a dash with me trailing behind, and I smile and wave at familiar faces out on this gorgeous fall afternoon.

It’s just another day at Halloween Fest, one of Brick Special Education PTA’s many fabulous annual events (hosted along with Brick Recreation), and we’re all lucky to be here.

As I head back from the hayride I spot Brenda Calderone, current PTA president, and we exchange greetings and I thank her for her efforts to create such a fun day for our families. Brick SEPTA hosts a number of events each year, from Halloweenfest to an Easter Egg Hunt also at Havens Farm, to dances for tweens and teens with disabilities.

They have monthly meetings as well, and it’s often the same core group of parents who attend, so we’ve gotten to know each other a bit throughout the years, and a camaraderie has developed. The parents who attend have children with a wide range of disabilities, from ADHD to Downs Syndrome and others as well. At most meetings we’ve had the privilege of having a school administrator attend, as well as some teachers from the various schools which educate our children.

Traditionally the first meeting in the fall is a “meet and greet”, with a number of agencies attending who cater to families. I particularly enjoyed that particular meeting last year as I won a massage in their raffle (yes, the girl who never wins anything), and other prizes were distributed as well.

Free donuts AND door prizes, you can’t beat that.

I’m writing about the Brick SEPTA today to invite more parents to attend their next meeting, which will be held at the Brick Primary Learning Center (PLC), on Monday, October 28th, from 6:30 to 8:30. I write this knowing it’s difficult for even the most “typical” families to spare a parent in the evenings, and for those of us with kids with disabilities it can often be a Herculean effort to get out for even an hour.

The truth is however that this is a wonderful avenue in which to come together as a community to learn from one another, to share, and to provide support. I’d love to see it grow. Every year the SEPTA Board has worked incredibly hard to provide activities for children with special needs, and my own children have enjoyed their events with gusto. The Board hopes to add even more activities throughout the year, and I know they’d love greater participation and a larger attendance at all of their meetings.

Again, the next meeting is Monday, October 28th, 6:30 at the PLC, and if anyone reading this has the opportunity to attend, I truly recommend you do so. Thanks in advance for attending!

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March 14, 2012

Brick SEPTA Easter Egg Hunt

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I hear a triumphant “Got one!” shouted from behind me, but I am in pursuit of my eight-year-old son with moderate autism, and can’t stop to behold the treasure a pre-schooler has found. I’ve attempted to bring Justin to the annual Brick SEPTA (Special Education PTA) Easter Egg Hunt at Windward Beach, and he’s let me know in no uncertain terms that he wants no part of it. I make a mental note to skip this part of our Easter traditions with him next year, realizing he may just have outgrown rooting around on the ground for colored plastic cylinders. As I chase him down a hill toward the river, I look back over my shoulder one more time to take a brief glance at the festivities.

To my delight, at least fifty special needs children are gleefully participating in the event that Justin has decided he is way too cool to attend.

This is just one of many events that our wonderful local Special Education PTA has hosted over the years. There’s the annual Halloweenfest, where special needs children can paint pumpkins, participate in a hayride, and down large amounts of free buttery popcorn, which has always been my son’s favorite part.

For the first time this year SEPTA, in conjunction with the Lake Riviera Middle School and the Brick Challenger Program, hosted a dance for special needs children and their siblings, an event which was a resounding success. All these efforts are an attempt to make certain that kids who may be seen as “different” have the opportunity to participate in the same childhood staples that most of their parents have attended in the past.

This is why, despite my son’s disdain for this particular event, that I love the SEPTA Easter Egg Hunt.

I’ve taken my other child to local hunts over the years, but due to his tender age, he was often crowded out of the chance to collect his coveted prizes. On occasion I’ve had to literally cover eggs with my feet just to make certain my boy would walk away with one plastic concoction.

The great thing about the SEPTA Easter Egg Hunt is the abundance of eggs placed strategically in open view so that every child can claim at least a few for his or her own, and can truly participate in a traditional holiday ritual. There’s also a guaranteed visit from the Easter bunny himself, which after I concluded chasing my son back up the hill I was gratified to see that his presence brought joy to a number of children. Every kid who wanted to greet him was able to get a turn, and in a timely fashion.

All in all, it was clear that every child participated fully in a timeless, and fun, tradition.

I’ll most likely be taking my youngest child to scour the earth for pastel eggs this year, and I’m certain he’ll revel in discovery and acquisition, much as his mother did many, many, many decades ago. If you are a member of the Brick SEPTA and would like to participate, please see the link below:


Saturday, March 31st, 11:00 AM, Windward Beach

See you there, and don’t forget your Easter basket!