November 9, 2010

Gratitude Attitude/Night of Too Many Stars

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Yup, I’m grateful for a telethon. I’ve entered a new circle of hell when it comes to gratitude.

I don’t know if you had the opportunity to see Night of Too Many Stars on Comedy Central recently, but if you missed it and you have the chance to view it, it is well worth your time. For the past several years an ever-increasing number of A-list stars has come together at the Beacon theater to raise money for autism education (in the Garden State no less!), and I have to say that each time the show has gotten more and more hilarious. When it first began I was so grateful some brilliant person harassed that many “good” famous people to help raise money for educational programs that I would have laughed at anything, but I was pleasantly surprised to see I didn’t have to talk myself into the broadcast being funny. This year’s event was particularly amusing and I won’t ruin if for you if you’re going to catch it, so here’s your warning for a SPOILER ALERT. This past week in one fell swoop I got to see my girl Tina Fey promote her own “calendar”, watch a woman pledge $15,000 so that Chris Rock would verbally bitchslap her ex, and revel in George Clooney’s dexterity in signing a trilobite twice for charity for some lucky (and loaded) woman.

It should have been me.  Deep, deep, sigh.

Anyway, if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill (and we all have so much free time,) take a peek at it. If for no other reason, it’s both a lovely and sober reminder of how mainstream the desire to help people with autism has become.

And yes, there’s a bit with Triumph the Insult Dog, but I swear, there’s some really, truly, funny people too.